Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to 2vlive.com!

Thank you for using 2vlive.com services. 2vlive.com provides various Internet and mobile-based services (applications). The following comprehensive terms of service (the “Terms of Service”) apply to all services provided by 2vlive.com Team (“2vlive.com”) based on your 2vlive.com Account, aiming to deliver accessible and user-friendly services. By utilizing our Services, you agree to abide by these terms. Please read them carefully.

  1. 2vlive.com Services

2vlive.com offers a plethora of Services accessible on both PC and mobile devices. You can download apps from the 2vlive.com website and app and install them on your mobile device. Each Service’s detailed instructions will be available through 2vlive.com. 2vlive.com grants you a personal, worldwide, non-assignable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free license necessary for using the Services. However, please note that 2vlive.com does not grant you the right to use 2vlive.com trademarks, service marks, logos, branding, or names.

To enhance Service quality, 2vlive.com may update the necessary software. Such updates may include adding essential functionalities or removing insignificant ones. It’s advised to regularly update your software to fully enjoy the Services.

For better service delivery, 2vlive.com may send notifications, messages, and advertising materials related to your Service usage either within the Services or via email. Ensure your email address is valid. If you encounter any issues while using the Services, please contact the 2vlive.com Support Team.

If you opt to connect to a 4G/LTE network provided by your carrier, additional data fees may apply. You’re responsible for any extra data charges incurred. For further inquiries regarding data plans, contact your carrier.

  1. Protection of Personal Information

Safeguarding your personal information is paramount to us. 2vlive.com utilizes your personal information solely within the specified purpose and scope with your consent to ensure seamless Service provision. Except as required by relevant laws or with your consent, 2vlive.com will not disclose your personal information to third parties. For more details, refer to the 2vlive.com Privacy Policy.

  1. Copyright Protection

2vlive.com respects intellectual property rights. Users retain all intellectual property rights to content they provide. By posting content on Services, users grant APKMODGET and its partners a worldwide, perpetual license to use, store, modify, transmit, display, and distribute such content within necessary limits. 2vlive.com adheres to copyright laws and allows users to delete their content at any time.

  1. 2vlive.com Username Policy

The following types of usernames are prohibited:

Promotional usernames
Usernames implying shared account use
Misleading usernames
Offensive usernames
Disruptive usernames
2vlive.com reserves the right to close any user account at any time for violating the Username Policy.

  1. Service Suspension

While 2vlive.com aims to provide uninterrupted Services, occasional suspensions may occur due to maintenance or unforeseen circumstances. Prior notice will be provided within the relevant Service in such cases.

  1. Changes to Terms of Service

2vlive.com may revise the Terms of Service to reflect changes in applicable law or Services. Any changes will be notified on the start-up page of individual Services, with revised terms effective 15 days after notification. Users can provide feedback within the specified period, and failure to do so implies consent to the revised terms.

  1. Privacy and Copyright Protection

2vlive.com’s privacy policies govern the use of personal data. Users agree to 2vlive.com’s data usage as per these policies. 2vlive.com responds to notices of alleged copyright infringement and removes copyrighted materials of repeat infringers according to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitations of Remedies, Indemnity

2vlive.com’s services are provided on an AS-IS basis. Users utilize the service at their own risk, and 2vlive.com disclaims all warranties, express or implied. 2vlive.com will not be liable for any damages arising from service usage. Users indemnify 2vlive.com from any loss, liability, claims, or expenses related to violation of these terms.

  1. General

User feedback is appreciated, and users can contact 2vlive.com at any time. The Terms of Service apply solely to the relationship between 2vlive.com and the user, with no third party entitled to benefits under these terms.