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How to fix “Mobile Network not available” Error on Android Devices

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I’m not a fan of Android devices but I use an android phone because some of its features. But just like Windows OS, Android also has problems because it’s not perfect. If you compare Android with iOS, then Android OS is much better than iOS in terms of features it offers but when it comes to security and other bugs and one of them is DNS unlocker malware, Android can get malicious virus and also it’s full of errors. The most common error Android users face is Mobile network not available, the error doesn’t allow users to use any mobile network or internet related service on Android because it turns off mobile and internet data automatically on Android devices.

Mobile Network not available

I also had this error but I resolve it in a blink of an eye by using the below given methods:

1: Displacement: Displace Sim card and battery of your Android device and put them back after few minutes, if mobile network doesn’t come back then do the same for 2 to 3 times and make sure that everything is inserted properly and they are not lose.

2: Choose Mobile Network Manually: Sometimes because of any reason your Android device doesn’t choose mobile network, it could be because of weak signals in your current area. Just go to your Android settings and select the option to search for mobile network manually and it will start searching network manually, if search results show your desired network, select it and turn mobile search settings to automatic again.

3: Reset: It can also be because of your Android software, simply go to settings and reset your mobile device, it will delete your data too, so make sure you already have a backup.

4: Airplane Mode: Turn on and then turn off airplane mode and see if the error is fixed or not.

Today’s Tip: Users who are facing DNS server not responding issue should flush their DNS to get rid of the issue.

5: If nothing works for you, try reinstalling your Android firmware.

These tips are only software related, if your error doesn’t get resolved, you should take your phone to any good mobile shop. I hope my guide helped you.