Lock Files in Windows With Software

Nobody wants others to view his personal or official sensitive data. It is always the need of the hour to protect official or personal files to secure them from other people’s access. So, the only way is to put all of the important files in one folder and set a password on it so that no one could access its content without your permission. There are many ways you can use lock your files to avoid unauthorized access, but the easiest way for every new and expert user is to use a software for this purpose.

It is a shortcut to password protect a folder. You just need to browse internet to select a good software that could provide your files and data full protection from the access of other people and also check that it’s free from dns unlocker adware here’s how to remove dns unlocker While looking for a third-party app to protect your files, you need to keep in mind that it should not slow down your system. Because a software that affects the speed of your system may damage the data including your personal or official data. So, due to all these characteristics, I always prefer using Easy File Locker (http://www.xoslab.com/efl.html) that is very easy and simple product for the users of Windows.

If you want to protect some files in all formats, it provides you complete protection. You can open, edit or delete any file anytime. If you want to copy the files protected by Easy File Locker, you can do it without being interrupted. It is a light-weight software that can be used not only in Hard Drive, but also in Flash Drive to keep your data secure. Also check antimalware service executable high cpu MsMpEng.exe error if you’re facing this issue because it should be solved first before getting into the process.

Let me explain now how to use this handy app. I would write below a step-by-step guide for your convenience.

  • Just download the application from its site and install in your system.
  • Once it is installed, it will automatically open. You will see the row of basic tabs on the top and in second row there will be some icons. You need to click “+” icon to add files in it. Now browse the file to add in it.

Easy File Locker

  • Once you have added the file, click “System” tab that is the very first tab on the top. It will show you a few options where you have to select the option “Set Password”. It will show you the option to add “Password” and re-enter it. Select a password that could not be easily identified by others.
  • As soon as you set the password and click “OK”, the file you have protected will be no more visible on its primary location. It will be hidden.
  • If you want to view the file or you have to make some modifications in it, you need to open Easy File Locker and select the file. Now click “System” and select the option “Stop Protection.”
  • It will make the file visible and you can open it to view the content.


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